{Email | Post #1} The reason you're being ghosted.

{Email | Post #1} The reason you're being ghosted.
Words and chords go well together.

I just couldn’t believe it when I read it. 333 billion emails sent and received daily in 2022? Each person sends an average of 121 work emails per day and spends 20 weeks a year on email - that’s about the same amount of time we spend sleeping. Crazy.

I know it sounds absurd but you're likely spending more time emailing than sleeping.

Something needs to change. The really intriguing thing for me about emailing is that the 10,000-hour rule (this idea popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers, showing you can become an expert on anything if you spend 10,000 hours practicing it) doesn’t seem to apply. We spend thousands of hours writing and reading emails but for some reason the stuff we send is, for the most part, really crappy. As in, they lead to nothing. Just think about the last LinkedIn message you got or that newsletter you don’t remember subscribing to, trying to sell you something. I'm sure you ignored it. And since I’m all for the truth, even when it hurts, here’s what I think you should know: the emails you’re sending are moving in a similar direction - into the junk folder.

You have spent 1000's of hours but not getting better at it. Blame Malcolm Gladwell.

You don't rise to the level of your ambitions, you fall to the level of your systems. The quote is by Greek poet Archilochus. I'm sure you would like to be the King of Email-land but let's set the right expectations first: the average open rate for a {cold} email is about 18%, with a 3% reply rate. Too low? Don’t blame ambition. Millennials call it ghosting, I call it the wrong system.

The average email gets 18% open and 3% reply rate. The best in class perform 4 to 5 times better.

My promise. I plan on making you an email legend. Can’t take it back now. This will be some sort of guide to cold emailing. I’ll break down countless hours of research, mentoring and practice into bite-sized, easy to digest weekly posts, covering everything and anything from the 3 Golden Rules of Emailing to the revolutionary 3R+1S framework. Expect strategies, tools and email templates. Above all, expect highly practical advice, the kind of stuff you can start implementing right away.

This Email series is all about giving you the frameworks, templates and knowledge to turn you into an email legend. Promise.

Next week I'll be sharing the 3 golden rules of emailing nobody seems to be paying attention to.

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