{Email | Post #9}: Urgent Tools

{Email | Post #9}: Urgent Tools
When I win.

Content? Check. Format? Check.

Fast track. Knowing what to write and how to write it are the two primary skills you need to master if you want to succeed in Email Land (the 8 previous posts took care of that, I hope).

But despite there being no shortcuts for email greatness, there are some tools that will assist you in getting to email nirvana faster. Keep reading.

Automate flow. At some point in your email journey, you'll need tools to help you automate your work - send several emails at once, create templates, track open and reply rates, personalize at scale. Hunter.io will help you get it done.

Pricing: starting at $49/monthly for 5 campaigns and 2500 recipients.

Find email address. How awesome would it be if you could just find someone on Linkedin and immediate have access to this person's email address? Install Getprospect's Chrome extension to start extracting emails and profiles from Linkedin in bulk.

Pricing: 50 valid emails every month with the free account, starting at $49/monthly for 1000+

Optimize email copy. So you've crafted your email and want to know how good it is before pressing 'send'. Lavender is an AI-powered email assistant that rates your emails based on a few relevant criteria and coaches you on how to improve those, so you make sure you're one step ahead.

Pricing: 5 emails per month for free, starting at $29/monthly after that.


Still on the copy topic. Hemingway App analyzes the complexity of your sentences and provide tips on the overall readability of your emails.

Hemmingway App

Pricing: free.

Clean email list. I don't know where you're getting your email lists from but it's highly likely there's a bunch of addresses there which are either fake, outdated or non-existent. Neverbounce helps you clean your email lists up, real-time, to make sure you're successfully reaching those leads.

Pricing: starting at $0.008 per email.

Get industry insights. Having access to information about what your competitors are doing when it comes to email campaigns can be extremely valuable. Mailcharts let's you check the pulse of your competitors' email campaigns and get a high-level overview of key email metrics and data by brand and industry.

Pricing: Free with limited features, starting at $149/monthly for pro plan.

Get inspired. Most of the times there's no need to reinvent the wheel. With Really Good Emails you can find inspiration for design, copy, and strategy from a feed of over 9,000 emails and see how other companies are solving problems similar to yours.

Pricing: Free up to 3 collections, starting at $9/monthly after that.

Really Good Emails

It's the second time I say goodbye I know. But the real friend is the one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out so I'll have something new for you soon. This time on fundraising, so you'd better get ready.