{Email | Post #8}: (Nice) break up.

{Email | Post #8}: (Nice) break up.
There's got to be an opening, somewhere here in front of me.

🏆 In the emailing world, success means you need to be ready to follow up at least 4 times. But since 70% of people give up after just one un-replied email, that shows most of us aren’t really getting much out of our emails. Read last week's post to know how to change that.

You know I've tried. You followed the playbook. Crafted a well-thought initial email, employed the 3R framework, followed up 5 times, used smart triggers, styled your emails properly, you name it. But still no reply? Then it's time to break up. With one last email.

You remind me of Ann. This is something I'm not proud of, but I'll confess nevertheless - the emails I keep sending you remind me of my first date. Yes, you guessed it right - I booked that hipster deli by my highschool but you never showed up.

🎭 Starting a breakup email with a bit of drama and humor helps putting the reader at ease and out of 'defensive' mode.

I'm taking the kids with me. Just like I did back then (healing my ego and realigning priorities), I want to make sure I'm focusing on people that have a strong and urgent need for top remote talent, so I'll be closing your file for now.

🥷 People hate losing more than they love winning, so make sure the reader understands you're taking the deal away.

I'm not perfect. I am always looking for ways to improve my game and wanted to ask you something. Any reason you never interviewed those world-class candidates I sent your way?

❓ A break up email is not intended to generate silence. This is your last chance to get a reaction. Adding a question will hopefully trigger that.

Undeserved gift. I'm hoping our paths cross again but until then here are some secret tips on how to hire the best remote talent out there.

🎁 3R or die. We're sticking to our framework until the end. It doesn't matter if this is a break up or not, we're still giving away something.  

The road is long. Despite being dumped that September afternoon I still think Ann is one of the nicest girls ever - we ended up dating a few years later.

🚪 No one knows what the future holds so leave things open. Use this last email to break things off in a positive and humorous note, not to release your rage.
My break up email

Off you go. Over the last few weeks I've taught you everything I know, hoping to make you the absolute monarch of Email Land. Only one thing left to say: take the reins and make me proud.