90% of startups fail. Don't be next.

Strikes a note.

Most startups fail because they have no clue how to make money. It's time we change that.

I'm sure you know this by now: startups are not about free beer and unlimited holidays. Startups are about making something a lot of people want and finding ways to get paid for that. The best startups understand focusing on the fundamentals is what gets them there, not the fluffamentals.

My name is Rui and I lost my startup virginity in 2005. That feels like really a long time ago. After living in six countries, going broke a few times, co-founding two tech businesses and working with and for a handful of others - while making most of the mistakes in the book - I started mentoring with some of the top startup programs in the World. That has given me access to the methodologies, frameworks and templates that are being used to turn early stage ideas into legendary unicorns.

Until now, those were being shared behind closed doors. Not anymore.

I live in Tokyo, the best city in the World. More about me here and here.