{Email | Post #2} The 3 Golden Rules.

{Email | Post #2} The 3 Golden Rules.
Because words only get you so far.
Don't take the previous post personally - it's ok if your emails suck. They suck for 99% of us and it's perfectly normal if 80%+ of people aren't even opening them. That's why you're here.

I believe in being intentional, approaching things strategically. I'm that guy who puts together excel spreadsheets to assess how well his profile is doing on dating apps. I know - mental, right?

When it comes to emailing, thinking before writing and pausing before acting will get you ahead. Mastering these 3 Golden Rules of emailing is like going from not even knowing how to fry an egg to cooking some finger-licking pumpkin risotto. It gets you a second date, if you know what I mean.

  • Rule #1: Mobile First. Did you know 81% of emails are read on mobile? Be honest, you didn't. Busy people use the phone to skim through email, not the laptop. That changes everything. We still use laptops to send emails but knowing how that email will look like on your reader's email app is a sign of empathy.
On their phones, readers see the sender's name, a subject line and a two-line preview. Based on that they decide what to do next. Click? Ignore? Delete?
Subject line and 2-line preview. Are you being intentional?
8 seconds is not enough to read most emails, which means it is your 2-line preview and first paragraph that will make it or break it. That's where you should be putting 80% of the effort.
  • Rule #3: Patience. That place of honor, the zen type. 80% of prospects say 'no' 4 times before they say 'yes'. Be ready to endure. See every email not as a sniper kill, but rather as an opportunity to keep the conversation going, slowly moving towards your goals. Think grinding Badwater 135, not some Usain Bolt sh*t.
Asking a question or adding a call-to-action can get the conversation going and make ghosting a thing of {millenials} the past.

I'm not David Blaine but I will guess how most of your emails look like and why that's taking you nowhere. But that's for next week.

🤯 The full series? In presentation format?